XLPack 5.1 to be released soon

The full-fledged revision XLPack 5.1 which improves reliability and enhanced functions will be released soon.

The major improvements are as follows.

  • Improved reliability to prevent possible Excel crashes even for erroneous usage.
  • For VBA subroutines/functions, lots of feature enhancements have been made including introduction of reverse communication routines (existing XLPack 4.0 includes approx. 500 routines but new release will provide approx. 700 routines).
  • For worksheet functions, some new functions have been introduced. On the other hand, to reorganize the library, some functions which are functionally duplicated with the Excel built-in functions have been removed.
  • Improved installer to make installation work easier.
  • macOS version is newly available (there are some restrictions compared to Windows version such as no support of worksheet functions).
  • Document improvements such as addition of example code.

Plaese refer to here for the detail list of functions.

The product version is planned to be released around summer 2018. XLPack Lite 5.1 beta version is available for early evaluation. Programs and worksheets for existing version (4.0) may need to be modified to use with this new beta version, since there are lots of interface changes.