File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
 C10aC10a. Special functions (Bessel functions)
 C10bC10b. Special functions (Modified Bessel functions)
 C14C14. Special functions (Elliptic Integrals)
 C19C19. Special functions (Other special functions)
 C2C2. Special functions (Powers, roots, reciprocals)
 C4C4. Special functions (Elementary transcendental functions)
 C5C5. Special functions (Exponential and logarithmic integrals)
 C7cC7c. Special functions (Polygamma functions)
 D2aD2a. Solution of systems of linear equations (real nonsymmetric matrices)
 D2bD2b. Solution of systems of linear equations (real symmetric matrices)
 D4a1D4a1. Real symmetric matrix eigenvalue problems
 D9aD9a. Singular, overdetermined or underdetermined systems of linear equations without constraints
 EE. Interpolation
 E3a3E3a3. Quadrature involving fitted functions
 F1aF1a. Roots of polynomials
 J1a1J1a1. One-dimensional real fast Fourier transforms