XLPack Solver

XLPack solver is the add-in program to help use XLPack without VBA programming for nonlinear equations, nonlinear optimization, nonlinear least squares problems, quadrature and ordinary differential equations. This add-in is included in XLPack Module 3 and 4 packages and XLPack Lite.

NoteXLPack solver manipulates a current worksheet (active worksheet) only. Even if a cell in the other worksheet is specified, the worksheet specification will be ignored.

How to use XLPack Solver

Click “XLPack Solver” in “Menu Commands” of “Add-ins” tab, then choose the required function.

For details of each function, please see the following.

General nonlinear equation

System of nonlinear equations

Univariate nonlinear optimization

Multivariate nonlinear optimization

Nonlinear least squares problems

Quadrature (finite interval)

Quadrature (semi-infinite interval)

Quadrature (infinite interval)

Ordinary differential equations (ODEs)

Save/restore parameters