XLPack 6.0 updated version

The updated version of XLPack (version 6.0.10) has been released. The following bug has been fixed.

– Special functions of XLPack worksheet functions may crash when using 32-bit Excel. (XLPack 6.0.5, 6.0.6)

The version numbers you are currently using can be confirmed at “Settings” -> “Apps” -> “Apps & features”. Also, if you have installed XLPack Addons, you can see version numbers when starting it.

The latest version numbers are not displayed in the Microsoft Store. Please refer next to “Get it from Microsoft” buttons in Download page of this site.

The update procedure is as follows.

(1) If you are using XLPack Addons + XLPack Basic (If XLPack Addons is installed but no license is used, see (2))

You can update only XLPack Addons (Updating XLPack Basic is not mandatory).

XLPack Addons app will be automatically updated if the Microsoft Store app is in the default settings. If XLPack Addons app is automatically updated, you may get an error “Addon has been updated”. Please see below for details.

FAQ “How to update XLPack Addons”
FAQ “Error: Addon has been updated”

(2) If you are using XLPack Basic only

You need to update XLPack Basic. Please see below for details.

FAQ “How to update XLPack Basic”