XLPack 6.1 Released

XLPack new version 6.1 has been released.
This version speeds up linear calculations by about 10 times in comparison with previous versions.

– Basic function set can be installed as “XLPack Basic” from Microsoft Store free of charge.
– Further, “XLPack Addons” can be installed from Microsoft Store and additional function licenses for one year can be purchased by in-app purchase.

See more details in Introduction to XLPack.

If you are using the 6.0 version, please update the apps with the following procedure.
FAQ “How to update XLPack Basic”
FAQ “How to update XLPack Addons”

XLPack release notes
Version 6.1
This version replaces LAPACK/BLAS routines with Intel oneMKL, which speeds up linear calculations by about 10 times.
Interface changes:
(1) Added VBA subroutines
InitExp, InitNorm
(2) Modified VBA subroutines
Radau, Radau5, Radaup, Radau_r, Radau5_r, Radaup_r: Remove option to convert Jacobian matrix to Hessenberg form.
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